Facebook force ads on users

  • By Barend Greyling
  • 14 Aug, 2016

Users have no choice as even ad-blockers are shunned 

Enjoying the digital social space becomes more difficult than ever before with large social networks like Facebook ignoring user requests for more control and less invasion with their latest announcement.  We live an era where people are always connected with an overload of information, being digitally traced across all platforms, their behavior being predicted, yet they long for lost privacy which is flatly ignored by networks and their increasing drive for revenue.

Now, nothing wrong driving for revenue, but certainly not above all costs.  We have a social responsibility towards users by serving them when they have the need, respecting their privacy and wishes. That is true for the networks and businesses promoting their products - the CUSTOMER is not the product, but someone that deserve the respect, after all it is their money that keep business afloat and shareholders happy.

The time has come where users will follow and connect with businesses and social networks that show them the respect they deserve instead of those viewing them as a cash machine for their business irrespective of the cost to the individual.

Uneeqo created the business and social ecosystem, serving the need of both sides of the equation - consumers need products.....business needs sales - without the intrusion of privacy and respecting all aspects of the users digital world. The "Holy Grail of Marketing". 
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